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Home Energy Audit

Includes a complete diagnostic of your home to identify key improvements that will maximize performance of your home by reducing your energy loss, improving your home’s health and reducing your carbon footprint on our environment. Our techs perform a return on investment analysis to help you choose which improvement makes sense to you.


Home Performance Testing

  • Home safety Inspection
  • Analyze your thermal and pressure boundary
  • Air tightness / blower door testing
  • Zonal pressure diagnostic
  • Bath and kitchen fan airflow measurements
  • Combustion safety testing
  • Duct pressure testing
  • Moisture measurements
  • Carbon monoxide readings
  • Gas leakage testing
  • Bath and kitchen fan airflow measurements
  • Infrared thermography

Cellulose, Batt and Rigid Board Insulation

  • Insulation for attics, basements crawl spaces, walls, pipes, and ducts
  • Cellulose insulation is energy efficient and environmentally friendly!
  • Rigid board and batt insulation is perfect for basements, capes and crawl spaces.

Home Energy and Conservation Upgrades

  • Review of appliances compared to energy star appliances
  • LED lighting retrofits
  • Smart power strips for electrical savings
  • Water saving faucet aerators and efficient shower heads
  • EPA RRP safe certified firm to ensure safe work practices for you and your family‚Äč
  • Smart home products including wifi light bulbs, power strips, thermostats and security cameras
  • Project management services for solar panels efficient heating solutions and energy efficient windows and doors
  • LED lighting retrofits

Weatherization and Air Sealing

  • Application of weatherization strips, foam, door sweeps and attic hatch covers
  • Air sealing sills, windows, trim, basements, garages and attics
  • Duct air sealing for forced air systems

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